BOOTCAMP as we all know it; a fun and challenging way to get fitter, faster and stronger, with like-minded kinda crazy people :)

Circuit training, HIIT, partnerwork and monthly challenges will make you work hard for it every single time. And let's be honest, that's what you are there for; Suffer with a smile!

There are no seperate beginner or advanced bootcamps at GABE. Every class is designed to be managable for all levels. 1 Hour of working your power, speed and stamina can be done in many different ways.
Some weeks we will use props of all kinds (i.e. battlerope, kettlebells, sandbags...), some weeks we will do pure bodyweight movements. Some weeks we will challenge you, and other weeks you will challenge each other.

The only sure thing is that you will never leave without breaking a sweat!



Endurance Bootcamp

These events are for those willing to face 2,5 hours in which they accept ANY bootcamp challenge thrown at them, either alone or as a team, and to put in ALL the work to get it done.

Because the end of your comfortzone, is where the real magic happens.

In these approximately 2,5 hours of Endurance Bootcamp you are going to do things you thought you couldn't (or wouldn't); you will experience maximum team spirit; you will do MORE of the same exersize and LONGER than you ever did before; you will find an inner strength you will be able to use in your every day life; you will grow in every way possible!

It's the wake up call for you and for your body.

It's about getting (sh)it done and making the magic happen! It's about you!

Exersizes will be very similar to what we do in a regular bootcamp session. For this reason, it is for ANYONE. But only those looking to find the edge of their comfortzone and make some limits (either physical or mental ones) disappear. Broaden their horizons. And the best way to test your limits is to find them, face them and then smash them!

And, because teamwork and spirit will be a key note in these events, there will always be someone who has your back.

Stop overthinking it. Go, DO!